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12/12/2017 by Jessica L

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Hello, there. It's me again. You know, the wife, the mom, the banker, the sister, the friend, and the list goes on. While we're in the middle of the holiday season I could easily feel pulled in all different directions, we need to buy this gift and that gift, we need to purchase this and that, we need to visit here and there, we need to be more festive! At least that's what the world and society seems to say today.
happylaundryday12112017-0369121117 With all of the commercials we know the next best thing to buy. This year has been kinda' different for us though. We are focusing on simple. And. I'm loving it! achurchcinnamonrollsandgiftwrappingkindofday12102017-0350121017
We've bought less gifts this year. We are less focused on items, and more focused on interacting with the people who mean so much to us. There are still gifts, but not nearly as many. We want time visiting with loved ones, and we plan on that. Gifts, but less of them, and more time. Christmas is not about what we can buy for each other on a store shelf, it's about the gift that was laying in a manger so many years ago, it's about celebrating His birth, and sometimes it is easy to lose focus of that.
While the world is telling us to buy the next new gadget, my husband and I have also been laying down our phones just a bit more and communicating with each other more than we have in months (maybe years). Social media sometimes gets in the way of us interacting with those who we are closest to, and we've both decided we don't like that. We still like Facebook and those sorts of things, but we like each other more.
While we have time for those things, we've made more time for us. For this family we share life with.
2017-11-24 03.16.17 1
Farm life is going wonderful. I love watching the animals and their own way.
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Things around the home are going wonderful as well. We have a weekend getaway planned, just my husband and I. It's been years since we've went anywhere, just me and him. It's exciting for sure!
Breann also has became a champion, alongside her Academics team, they've did wonderful this year.
achurchcinnamonrollsandgiftwrappingkindofday12102017-0357121017 achurchcinnamonrollsandgiftwrappingkindofday12102017-0358121017 And. As I was mentioning, home life and farm life has been happening...
We have new baby lambs... farmlife12032017-0196120317
wehavenewbabysheep12032017-0197120317 farmlife12032017-0190120317
And. Yeah, this has been life lately. itssnowingoutsideandwereinsidebythefireplaceitsthesimplethingsilove12122017-0391121217 2017-12-12 07.09.21 12 Blessed, friends. We're blessed! achurchcinnamonrollsandgiftwrappingkindofday12102017-0361121017 achurchcinnamonrollsandgiftwrappingkindofday12102017-0360121017 I'll finish this entry with photos from Breann's Beta Club induction. breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0280120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0267120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0268120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0271120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0272120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0274120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0276120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0277120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0278120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0279120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0283120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0284120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0285120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0287120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0288120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0291120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0292120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0293120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0295120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0296120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0297120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0298120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0301120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0315120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0320120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0334120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0266120717 breannsbetaclubinduction12072017-0261120717

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