Happy New Year: 2018!

It's a Wonderful Life. That's what my necklace says. And. It is. We have some good times in this life, and we have some down right hard and bad times too. Sometimes times are easy and things are awesome, and sometimes we're in a rut and in a valley and things are just stinkin' hard. But life. It's wonderful.


2018 is going to be a year filled with adventure for us. I would think there are going to be lots of smiles. There will probably be some tears. There will be laughter. There will be times of aggravation. There will be life. And I'm excited to make even more memories with these people I share life with.


Just some hopes I have for 2018. Not resolutions, but just some things I would like to do. I'm definitely not saying it will be a have to case, but an it would be kinda' nice if it happened kinda' deal.

->I would like to visit some place out West: I would like to take this family of mine and see some of the beauty that lies before us out that way. Justin has been, but the kids and I haven't, and I'd like for us to explore together.

->To go on a hike: I would love to go exploring on a trail with these people I share a home and life with.


->I would love to go hunting with my husband: Not really for me to shoot anything, but just to watch as nature unfolds, and as he does his hunting thing.

->To go to a play: I would love to attend a play of some sort.

->To get my family back into a camper: I love camping trips with the family, and I so want to get us back into a camper!


While I'm sure there will be more I want to do as the year goes on, I know this is a few things I'd love to do this year. I'm so excited to see what kind of memories we make in 2018. I'm excited to see what kind of life happens around our place. I'm excited to share it with my people!

Happy 2018!


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