So. This Happened!

10/01/2017 by Jessica L


So my guy finally got the truck of his dreams (and, evidently, most of his buddies dreams too). He has wanted a big truck, a “big boy truck” for many, many years now. He’s so selflessly passed by dealership parking lots for many years of the seventeen years we’ve been married, but he’d be looking so hard at the trucks we could never afford. Yesterday. The Lord blessed us enormously enough, so incredibly big enough, to now buy him his “big boy truck.” It even has a Jake Brake (whatever that means). It’s a one ton truck. It’s a diesel. But most importantly it has helped me to make a dream of his come true.

Yes. I’m in the backseat taking this photo. This is what friendship looks like. These two are brothers by choice. It came to no surprise to me that I had to take a backseat while he showed his buddy his truck.

My guy. His smile makes my smile. I love him so big, so, so much!!


And. Moments like this is why I blog!
Photo Taken: October 2nd, 2017

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