One More Year

One more year.
breanns17thbirthdayparty10142017-0087101417 Every year for the past 17 we have celebrated this girl and as every birthday passes I sit and thank God that we have made it one more year. One more year full of good times and a few tough times as well but, we always made it that one more year. Today, we celebrated her 17th birthday with several friends, good food and bonfire much like the birthday parties in the past. It breaks my heart and peaks my pride at the same time to do it again today because this one was a little different. After this birthday party, my little girl got in he car and drove off to go to the movies with friends. I spoke to her briefly in the yard after turning her car around for her and before she left about being responsible for the others that was riding with her. She simply said “Ok Dad” and then she got in and drove off. I stood there for a minute and watched her tail lights go out the driveway and it hit me like a train. She’s 17 years old now. I only have one more year. One more year help her become the woman that I hope or that I think she is. One more year to make a real difference in her. One more year to make decisions for her. One more year to hope that I’ve done this the right way before she proves me right or wrong.
Just simply, One more year...

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