It's The Simple Things.



When you haven't made breakfast for supper in forever (or like ever), well, you pull out all of the stuff and you just do it, and put a smile on your boy's face because he really is a breakfast person.


And. Your heart is smiling because you know your husband who is nearly 900 miles away is being taken care of while he takes care of some sweet Floridians by restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Like. Today. He went to a cookout thrown for lots of linemen there in appreciation from the locals there for doing what they've did. He also was interviewed by the news channel there. And. I cried as I watched it.


It's nearing time for him to be home. He's been gone nearly two weeks now, and even my heart is homesick because this place is just not home without him. Oh. And these fur babies though, they make my heart happy! madebreakfastfordinnerthisevening9212017-0085 That's been my day!

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