Well, hello there.IMG_8669 What a time I have to tell you about. A time of community. A time of helping and being a neighbor. A time of care being shown. A time of faith being shown. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0885 You see. Our sheep dog. Our Sam. He went missing about a week ago. We are thinking he was trying to run some predator off and made his escape the same way the predator did and followed the predator until he lost his path. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0915 We spent all of last Sunday looking for our Sam. We posted pictures on social media and we asked as many as we could if they would kindly let us know if they saw our dog. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0863 I think there was a point that even the other animals knew that he was missing, and maybe they even was missing him too. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0940 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0858 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0859 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0876 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0905 Then one morning last week, my husband got a call while he was at work. I in return got a call from my husband. One of his coworkers spotted Sam on a nearby road. So. Our son and I loaded into the vehicle, ready to bring our Sam home. By the time we got there though Sam was down under a hill, already gone somewhere else. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0907 My boy kept yelling his name. Calling for our Sam. He even got aggravated when I told him we had to go ahead and go home and finish getting ready for work and school because Sam already had moved on to somewhere else. We'd have to look for Sam again that evening. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0910 I got home. I was kinda' discouraged to be honest. My husband even felt like, even though Sam was so close that he was hundreds of miles away, because even though people were spotting him, we wasn't. I then got a phone call from someone I've never met, but he said he knew my husband and his dad. He asked me if we'd found our dog, I told him no. He told me he would be out looking for our Sam that day. This made me feel so blessed to call our mountains home. The people. The community. The care. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0887 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0886 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0853 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0917 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0916 We were looking for our Sam, but so was these people we share these mountains with. Our daughter even had people stopping their classes asking if we had found Sam. And. When we did find Sam, they phoned their families to let them know. That's the kind of people we share this great community with. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0921 Yes. We found Sam! sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0924 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0931 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0933 sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0942 Our neighbor called me while I was at work. She told me Sam was outside of our fenced area. So I rushed home, and there he sat, waiting on me to pet him and let him in. Sam was home, Sam is home! 5FA9A982-2D68-4407-90D0-886CD0EA2922 oursamreturnshome08292017-0943 I am often amazed at how much our Sam and our sheep remind me of our Maker and our relationship with Him. During his time missing, I was reminded of how in our search for Sam, that the Lord does the same for us. The Lord never moves, if anyone moves it is us. We are the lost and he seeks to find us. He is our Protector, we feel safe with Him, just as our sheep feel safe with Sam. oursamreturnshome08292017-0945 oursamreturnshome08292017-0947 oursamreturnshome08292017-0948 oursamreturnshome08292017-0952 oursamreturnshome08292017-0953 oursamreturnshome08292017-0954 oursamreturnshome08292017-0956 We are now in the process of getting a GPS collar for our Sam. That way hopefully we can easily find him from now on, if this were to ever happen again (hopefully it won't!). oursamreturnshome08292017-0963 oursamreturnshome08292017bw-0952 While Sam was missing, I was reminded of this Bible verse. What a great verse it is! And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed. -Deuteronomy 31:8 There has been a hurricane, Hurricane Harvey to go through Texas. Some of the people there have lost so much. The Lord is going before them too! He will not fail, the Lord is good, and He will see goodness through it all. sotodaywevespentthedaylookingforsamwhodecidedtoexplorethearea08272017-0912

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