Time at the Lake


This evening has been super busy.  But.  Friends.  We're so very, very blessed.  We're blessed with home.  We're blessed with family.  We're blessed with friends.  And.  We are so blessed to share time with each of these. carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0753 Justin and I have been pondering the idea of maybe selling our place and buying a larger farm.  Should we or shouldn't we.  We've really seemed to struggle with this idea for awhile now.  Anyhow.  Justin has been crazy busy finishing up some minor details on our place (a new light in the stairway area, some trim around doors, things like that).  Just in case we decide to sell, and even if we don't, these things need to be done anyhow!  Breann worked this evening, and decided to spend some time at home after.  Troy and I, we went to a birthday party at the lake for one of our dear friends. Carlee had a great party.  We were blessed to spend time with friends! Here are photos and a video I captured from the day... carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0759 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0764 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0765 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0766 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0768 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0769 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0772 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0773 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0776 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0782 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0783 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0786 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0787 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0788 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0793 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0819 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0820 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0825 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0827 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0829 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0830 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0831 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0833 carleesbirthdaypartyatthelake08192017-0834 Carlee and Aleaha's Birthday Party at the Lake from Our Lifelong Stories on Vimeo.

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