The First Day of the School Year



As I sat and watched our pup with our daughter yesterday I wondered if somehow she knew that the kids were about to settle into their school year routine. Either way I knew that our pups were really going to miss the kids as they started the school year. We got these pups during the Summer, so they haven't went too very long without us being at home with them.

thekidsfirstdayofschool08172017-0724This morning.  I got up at around 5:30ish, I stumbled downstairs in the dark to make my husband's lunch. After getting him off to work, I climbed back into bed. I made sure my alarm was set in plenty enough time to take their Back to School picture. You know. The one moms with cameras take at the beginning of each school year. Yeah, those! Except for with me, I'm a photographer, and sometimes it's not just a picture, but pictures (with a s, plural). The kids will sometimes go around fussing because I take too many pictures, but one of these days I'm hoping they will appreciate all of the times I've pressed this shutter button and captured moments in their life.    





I find as I'm getting older, I appreciate photos even more.

thekidsfirstdayofschool08172017-0729 Anyhow. "Mom..." I startle awake. "Hey, Mom." It's Breann waking me. Our daughter, all dressed in a beautiful t-shirt dress with her cool tennis shoes, and she's looking even more grown up than she did at the beginning of her 10th grade year and so pretty! I guess she's did even more maturing over the Summer, with the new job and all. And. Now. Now, she's a Junior. "Yeah," I respond. "Can I have some money for an iced coffee?" she asks. She then tells me she and her brother plan to go to McDonald's before they go to school. This. Her first day of Junior year, and his first day being a Freshman.

While I'm getting their money for McDonald's I'm thinking of how I won't be driving them to school this school year. Just another part of them growing up. Am I really ready for this? While my heart is breaking it is smiling too, because this girl has become one of my best friends. She understands more at this stage in life than her Kindergarten self did. And our son, he is developing this awesome character too, and it's just awesome watching him grow!

Today. Today is another first. I've almost always taken them to school and picked them up from school (or they'd ride the bus home), but this morning she got to drive them to school. I don't know how my mama heart is supposed to feel!! Anyhow. This is the first day of her Junior year and his Freshman. Crazy how time flies!! I could've almost swore that I just brought them into this great big world yesterday. I pray many blessings on this school year for the both of them. May it be productive and lots of memories be made!!




And. Behind the scenes. While they load their stuff into the car. New backpacks, stuff for Cross Country, and all of that other good school stuff, our American Bulldog and our cat are seeing them off to school as well. bobandbowatchedthemgotoschoolthekidsfirstdayofschool08172017-0727

Yes. I watched them as they drove off to school.


And. So did our animals. bostayedatthedooruntiltheyleftforschoolthekidsfirstdayofschool08172017-0743

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you must, but take a step." — Naeem Callaway

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