It's Been Awhile.


It's been awhile since I've wrote (or typed), and I figured it was time for me to do just that tonight.

Since my last time of writing, I guess, Breann has now gotten a job at McDonald's.


We got our Yorkie girl Millie's sister, and we named her Lillie.

IMG_7999 More Photos from Our Everyday...


About the Photo:This. This is home. Where our family laughs and makes memories. Where we cry tears and hug each other tight. Where we have all kinds of fur babies. From our sheep farm to our dogs and cat and even to our chickens (I'm still kinda amazed that we have chickens, never really expected that for awhile).

This is home. Where the Lord dwells among us and in our hearts. Where piles of laundry has to be done. Where we get to play in the water with the dogs while we water the plants. Where we love each other big. This is home.

Home. It's more than a building. It's what is inside the walls that count. And I love every square inch of our home.

I love these people I share life with, the ones who make it home. This is home.

Photo taken: 07/19/2017


About the Photo: Small puppies are just sooooo adorable after a bath!!

Photo taken: 07/20/2017


About the Photo: A Happy Thursday, indeed! Short day at work, donuts, sunflowers, afternoon naps.

Photo taken: 07/20/2017


About the Photo: Lunch.

Photo taken: 07/21/2017


About the Photo: Farm life is the best life.

Photo taken: 07/24/2017





About the Photo:For some reason, not sure why, maybe it's the light and the fog (which I edited in this photo), and even the way our Sam is looking toward the Heavens. But. For some reason. This photo reminds me of the lyrics "in the morning when I rise give me Jesus."

My guy got home around 5AM this morning. He was soaking wet after having to wade a river, but he's resting and all nice and cozy in our bed while I'm off to work this A.M.

And. This morning, I'm thanking Him. I have so much to thank my Lord for. The sunshine and the rain. Our home. These people I do life with. Life is beautiful. May I never take it for granted!

Photo taken: 07/24/2017



About the Photo:It was sunny, blazing hot here for the past while. Then the day before yesterday we got storms, and more rain into yesterday. My guy has been working long hours, so our son and I have been working the farm on our own. We've been doing okay. I sure do miss my guy though. The work and long hours he puts into these days doesn't go unnoticed.

Photo taken: 07/24/2017






IMG_7938 About the Photo:There is just something I look forward to about dinnertime. The dinner we have at home, all gathered around the kitchen table. The sunlight pouring through the windows, the steaming food on the table.

It even makes it more special when you use a borrowed bowl from one of your best friends because it's the first thing you grab.

This just shows me how full my life is. The bowl because it shows I'm blessed to have friends to share life with (and I am going to give this bowl back). The food because of obvious reasons. It's filling and a nourishment to our bodies. This space in our home because it holds laughter and creates memories.

Memories like yesterday evening. Our boy was at the pool, so he ate there. Our daughter was at an orientation for her very first job (which she starts today). We thought a few weeks ago she was starting elsewhere, but due to extensive delays she decided to move forward elsewhere, and now she's landed her another job. She's just great like that, first job and all! Anyhow. My husband and I started eating dinner. Having a few moments of couple time. Then our daughter came home and turned it into time with her too. Family time. We talked of her new job. We looked at her new name tag. I sat back in admiration as my guy sat and told our daughter how proud he was of her for getting a job. He let her also know how it is always important to put your best into whatever you do, including whatever job you do. She looked at her dad and said, "I know." And. Of course she does. That's who she is.

Photo taken: 07/25/2017


About the Photo:Hang in there, it's almost Friday.

Photo taken: 07/26/2017


About the Photo:Chickens roaming around our place.

Photo taken: 07/27/2017





About the Photo:My father-in-law picked up fresh tomatoes for us yesterday. I absolutely love tomatoes, fresh from the garden!

Photo taken: 07/27/2017



About the Photo: Another reason why he's such an amazing guy. While I had time to come in from a full day at work, go with our boy up to the farm to take care of it, make dinner, and clean up the living room...I still had time to change out of my work attire and put on a tshirt, shorts and flip flops. When my guy got in from work, we ate dinner, and our family sat at the kitchen table and shared conversation about our day. And. Even in his work boots, my guy joined us at the local pool for Night Swimming!

Photo taken: 08/01/2017

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