These are the Days...

girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7469 When they placed my daughter on my chest as she was breathing her first breaths of air in this great big world, I was thinking of how I was to take care of this little human. Now she's not so little anymore. She's in her last years of high school. And as I sat in this small town coffee shop, I was thinking of how she's grown up to be one of my best friends. We are so much like each other. It's like I'm staring in the mirror. She is one of the reasons God has given me life though. I'm sure of it! girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7474 I am grateful that we got to have a Girls Day earlier this week.  We went to the spa and to this small town coffee shop, and we loved it!  Such a great time! And.  These are some of the memories I captured in a photograph. girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7472 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-0394 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-9 girlsdaywithbreann07112017- girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7457 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7459 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7461 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7463 girlsdaywithbreann08warm112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7455 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7469warmtone girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7441 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7478 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7479 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7480 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-warmtone girlsdaywithbreann08112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann207112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann307112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann407112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann507112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann607112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreannwarmtone07112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann08warm112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreannwarmtone5 girlsdaywithbreannwarmtone07112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreann07112017-7474-2 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7441 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7445 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7459 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7461 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7463 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7469 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-7478 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-0394 girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017- girlsdaywithbreannbw07112017-9

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