Pigeon Forge Memories

pigeonforgewildernessatthesmokes07142017 Sometimes a girl just needs a vacation. Time away with her people she does life with. To splash in a pool. To relax. To recharge on life. That's where I'm at this weekend! We've taken a trip to Pigeon Forge.  With a stay at Wilderness at the Smokies.  There's been all kinds of water fun. There's been trips to Wonder Works and the Titanic. IMG_7723 Vacation life. This new shirt ("Insert Coffee to Begin"). Relaxation. I'm more of a girl who likes relaxation and kicking back and doing nothing. These people of mine are very active people though. So. They pleaded for me to do a waterslide. And. I did. Especially since they had me convinced it was one of the easiest here. Yeah. Well. It was the second to the hardest one. And. At least they told me that after we finished the ride. And. We all four were in an intertube. Guess who got to ride it backwards. Yep, me! Love my people. They have my heart. Big time! 9A8B51B6-6C7F-4CEE-BD6B-078E3D60142C 2A911C72-9E85-4859-B3F0-F0A19559EBE1 IMG_7778 IMG_7779 IMG_7731 IMG_7748 IMG_7745 IMG_7740 IMG_7736 IMG_7737 IMG_7788 We've also missed our fur babies.  Some great friends helped us by taking care of them while we've been gone.  Safe to say they missed my guy, and my guy missed them! justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationbwjuly162017-0021 Tomorrow it's back to regular day life.  Our blessed life.  The everyday life in which I love living with these people I share life with! justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationbwjuly162017-0023 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0021 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0023 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0027 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0031 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0033 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0036 justinandthefurbabiesnappingafterwegothomefromvacationjuly162017-0038

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