Hello, July!


July is promising to be a great month. Not only is it the month of my birthday and also the 4th of July, but we also started this month out with a long overdue date night! We strolled through a small local town. We ate dessert from a local bakery/dessert shop. We had dinner. We caught a movie. saturdaydatenightstrollingthroughtownwithmyguy07012017 We hadn't had a date night in so long, too long actually. So. Last Saturday we ate good food, we laughed, we talked, we shared in each other's time. We stopped in a local bakery and he got himself some fudge, and I got the best cheesecake this side of town! We dropped in and watched a movie. We laughed some more. We rode with the windows down and the sunroof open. We made a Saturday night memory. It's nights like these that are the best!! mycheesecakeonourdatenight07012017 localbakeryondatenight07012017 onionringsbeforedinnerondatenight07012017 localbakeryondatenight07012017 Then. It was time to celebrate the 4th of July! happymondaymorning07032017 It was the third of the month and the day before a holiday at work. Anyone who works in the banking industry should know what I mean by that. It was crazy busy. But. I had coffee in my cup, love in my home, Jesus in my life, and then I got to celebrate this great holiday, the 4th of July, with this great family of mine. happymondaymorning07032017 happymondaymorning07032017 happymondaymorning07032017 happymondaymorning07032017 Then it was the 4th of July. 4thofjulybrunch07042017 We started our day out kinda' slow. We had brunch at noon. With eggs, bacon, toast, and french toast. It was a blessed day with family and friends. A cook-out and fireworks were on the agenda. I failed tremendously at counting my blessings because there were so many. I'm one blessed girl! happy4th07042017 4thofjuly2017 4thofjuly2017 The celebration went on, right up to the day after the 4th of July. slowmorningsareawesome07052017I didn't go into work until later. So it was french toast and coffee for me while my heart was still full from all of the 4th of July's activities with family and friends. What a great 4th we had. So blessed!! Oh! And. During the 4th of July break, my husband and son took a 4wheeler ride on some trails. muddyjeanshangingonthefencefromjustinandtroys4wheeleradventurethisweekandourlittlemillieenjoyingoutside07062017-00774 So many blessings in this one photo! My husband and our son's jeans hanging on that fence right there. That's from their 4wheeler adventure this week. They got too muddy to wear them inside. Those memories. They will stay with both of them for a lifetime. And. Then. Of course. Our Millie girl. She still isn't quite sure of what to make of the great outdoors yet, but she is fitting into our family so sweetly. muddyjeanshangingonthefencefromjustinandtroys4wheeleradventurethisweekandourlittlemillieenjoyingoutside07062017-00772 muddyjeanshangingonthefencefromjustinandtroys4wheeleradventurethisweekandourlittlemillieenjoyingoutside07062017-0077 And. Farming continues. farmlife07062017

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