The First Day of Summer...


The first today of Summer has arrived. The sun is now setting on this longest day of the year. I learned that it's the longest day of the year about 5:30 AM as I was packing my husband's lunch and listening to the news on the television. You learn something new everyday! Maybe I already knew it and forgot. Seems like I should've known it. Anyhow. Yes, it's the longest day of the year according to the anchorman. happyfirstdayofsummerjune21st2017 So much has changed since last Summer. The septic system is in at the new place, and house building progress is being made. We now have our Millie girl (who is still so tiny at nine weeks). I found it funny that she was on a step and the weeds were still taller than her. I definitely can relate every single time I reach up to the top shelf in the kitchen cabinets. I'm small sized too! happyfirstdayofsummerjune21st2017 Happy Summer!!

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