Life Around Our Place.

Our place. Life around our place. It's been filled with puppies and chickens running around in the yard outside and homemade pancakes and bacon on the kitchen table.



I've been pretty excited lately. The smallest things excite me. There's this thing online called Chatbooks. And. It automatically prints a photo book for me every so often, and I love it, the photographer in me, the memory keeper in me, the storyteller in me loves it!




Farming has been going well. I've been loving watching the sheep and our kids with all of these animals around our place.


Our Troy knows how to take care of this farm as well as, if not better than, I do. He brings a smile to my face when I watch his ways around the farm.


Farm life is beautiful.



Farm life. This is one of my father-in-law's chickens. I took a photo of it one day last month. But then one day last month one of our chickens died, and our daughter has been so terribly sad about it. She has gotten so attached to these farm creatures. Farm life is beautiful. You see life being born and you see life up to the end with some of these creatures. Sometimes farm life is rough for this reason as well. Seeing the end of a life is never easy. Our daughter who loves these animals so big has a hurt heart over her chicken. Life. It's fragile, it's beautiful, even on the farm.

There's also been flower gardening still happening around our place.


These roses. I knew I loved them when I saw them. I thought we totally flunked on raising them though. Soon after we got them home the blooms went away and was never to return (or so I thought!). Well. Never is a long time. This beauty now has a rose, and I'm as happy with this one rose as I would be with a gazillion of them. We are growing roses (or a rose) and I'm happy! Ridiculously happy!! So happy!!!


There's also still been puppy life.


This pretty much sums up our days. Our Millie is such a playful puppy!!

Then. It's crazy. I blink and we're clear into the next month, or so it seems.

June, you've been great!

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