Moving Forward.

So. There's been lots of things happening around our place lately.

The septic at our new place is now installed. We're ready to move forward!



We now have baby chicks on this ever expanding farm of ours.

These baby chicks are continuously bringing a smile to our daughter's face. My husband keeps saying if he knew that chickens would make her so dang happy we would have bought them for her years ago. It's the simple (yet not so simple) things, ya know!

Yes. It's the simple, yet not so simple things. The little life we hold in our hands with those baby chicks. These creatures the Lord has blessed us with. Hopefully, to eventually provide eggs, but also just to watch the way they do life, and bring a smile to this girl of our's face. It's awesome. Really. Really, really awesome!

babychicksmay2017 More Photos from Our Everyday Stories: muffinsmakemyhearthappymay2017 About the Photo: It's been one of those hard weeks. So. When Breann made muffins yesterday, my heart did a little happy dance and it felt nice and I ate two.

Photo taken: May 17th, 2017
laundrydaymay18th2017 About the Photo: Sitting outside with my husband and decided it's too nice to go inside to fold laundry. Was going to sit in my chair outside and fold laundry...

Photo taken: May 18th, 2017

happyfridaymay19th2017 About the Photo: Happy Friday!

Photo taken: May 19th, 2017


About the Photo: A slow Friday morning spent outside sipping coffee, and on a workday. I'll take it!

Photo taken:May 19th, 2017

happysaturdaymay20th2017 About the Photo: So today. It's Saturday. It's a workday for me. After work we have a cookout to go to in celebration of a dear friend's graduation. The sun is wanting to shine, but rain has also been in the forecast. I'm hoping for the sunshine!

It's a beautiful Saturday. A day to celebrate life's accomplishments and goals and to be with family and friends!!

Have a blessed Saturday!!

Photo taken: May 20th, 2017



About the Photo: So. Today has been crazy busy. It's been a full workday. It's been grocery shopping. It's been a house cleaning and laundry day. Then we have Bible Journaling this evening. So hard to believe that this daughter of mine can drive me places now!!

Happy Monday!!

Photo taken:May 22nd, 2017

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