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It's been awhile.  Life has been going full speed, and it's not taking the time to slow down even for a second.  I'm loving it though.  And.  I'm loving these people I do life with! farmlife03132017 farmlife03132017 And. We've definitely been doing life. dinnertime03152017 addedmoresheeptothefarm03122017 Last Wednesday was Justin's birthday.  We celebrated on Saturday.  Along with some of our friends we took the kids to Just Jump, and we went to eat at Cracker Barrel.  It was great!  A video of the Just Jump experience is included here as well. farmlife03132017 Life has been good. It's been hard, it's been beautiful, and it's been good! And. I'm thankful! Monday was the first day of Spring. It's been such nice weather. It's made me bring out the Spring decorations. I'm loving it, y'all! IMG_4281 happysunday03192017 I think our fur babies are even loving the weather! lovingthisweather03202017 The kids have had a little bit of sickness this week. Breann with a terrible cough, and Troy with some kind of stomach upset. They are doing better now though. Thank goodness! Our Bible Journaling group started back up this week, and we are studying Proverbs. I was unable to attend on Monday due to the kids being sick, but I was able to journal at home. Here is what I've did. biblejournalingproverbs26march20th2017 biblejournalingproverbs31march22nd2017 Proverbs is my favorite book of the Bible. It's awesome! And. Here is our video of Just Jump:  

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