All We Need is Love and Jesus

Wow! It's been over two weeks since I've written anything here. What in the world?!?

Playing catch up for sure!


Then, I think about those words "playing catch up." We really can't play catch up in our lives. To me. Playing catch up means making up for lost time. Nobody can get back the time that is gone. The time that is gone is gone. That's why we need to value every moment, folks. I know! Deep thoughts today, huh? Anyhow. On with the story!

We've been blessed with some beautiful lives. Yeah, some days we have some ugly times, but life, in and of itself is a beautiful thing! For instance, I love the slow Saturdays. The times we wake up and get up when we want and my husband and I make breakfast together. We all gather around the table, we say grace, we eat, and we talk. That's one of the many simple things I love about us!


Breann recently had her competition for FBLA.

fblaawardsday03072017 And...she won first place. She is going to state, y'all! Untitled

I've really taken an interest to this Bible Journaling stuff. What a way to connect with the Lord while I am studying His Word! Anyhow, I recently placed an order for all kinds of Bible Journaling stuff.


One of my dear friends even makes some Bible Journaling kits, and look at what I have. I have that kit!


We had such nice weather in February.


Now in March, well, the weather has turned yucky.



Onto another topic.  Love is all we need.

That's what the new pillowcase I had delivered for the throw pillow on our bed tells us. It reads that all we need is love, and you know what else, I think! I think that all we need is love and Jesus. He's the answer to all! And. Love. Well we speak and act with love with Him in our lives.


Happy Friday, folks!

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