A Week of Getting Prepared...


This week my husband and I have been on vacation.
We've had group time with a cook-out with our Small Group from our Church.
cookoutwithfriends03252017 We've had neighbors visit the farm and baby sheep be born.babysheep03292017 farmlife03262017 newbabybornafewdaysagophototaken03262017 There's been slow mornings with big breakfasts. happywednesday03292017 happywednesdaytwo03292017 And. Then there's been this. We have been back and forth, struggling with the decision on whether to move to our farm or not. We've decided that, yes, it's time. We've turned in the application for our septic permit, and have things starting to move forward. What a wild ride this year is going to be. All of the newness of moving to our place on the farm. Our very own farm house. What a crazy exciting thing! farmlife03262017 And. Our Sam. He started wandering off of the farm at some points, and we didn't want him to get lost, so we now have this collar for him. It doesn't bother him. He lays down great, he maneuvers around wonderfully, and it does the trick. He's such an awesome dog! farmlife03262017

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