New York Vacation 2017


New York.  It was fun, it was crazy busy, it was a new experience for us. newyorkvacationbw2017-0463 We left for Time Square on a tour bus on February 17th, and returned on Monday, the 20th.  As we got off of the bus, this country girl was really, really surprised at the different atmosphere.  I've always been a country girl, and never lived in a city.  Others had warned me that city life is way different than country life, but I guess I had to see for myself to realize how much.  Anyhow, as soon as we got off of the bus, there was a guy that tried to sell us cocaine, as he walked off.  Throughout the trip there were several homeless people, and broken people.  Those were terrible, terrible situations. But.  There were also good things about the trip.  The lights and signs of Time Square.  The saxophone players, the street performers, the Broadway show of The Lion King, Bryant Park, Macy's, the Today show, and the Empire State Building. Life was certainly different in NYC, but it was fun to visit.  Now, as I'm adding this chapter to our story, I'm happy to be home!  Here are some photos of our trip as well as a video: newyorkvacation2017-0463 newyorkvacation2017-0477 newyorkvacation2017-0484 newyorkvacation2017-0489 newyorkvacation2017-02312 newyorkvacation2017-02462 newyorkvacation2017-02502 newyorkvacation2017-02532 newyorkvacation2017-02622 newyorkvacation2017-02632 newyorkvacation2017-02652 newyorkvacation2017-02672 newyorkvacation2017-02682 newyorkvacation2017-02692 newyorkvacation2017-02702 newyorkvacation2017-3675 newyorkvacation2017-3677 newyorkvacation2017-3684 newyorkvacation2017-3686 newyorkvacation2017-3690 newyorkvacation2017-3694 newyorkvacation2017-3695 newyorkvacation2017-3698 newyorkvacation2017-3701 newyorkvacation2017-3738 newyorkvacation2017-3740 newyorkvacation2017-3743 newyorkvacation2017-3744 newyorkvacation22017-3656 newyorkvacationbw2017-0491 newyorkvacationbw2017-02312 newyorkvacationbw2017-02462 newyorkvacationbw2017-02502 newyorkvacationbw2017-02532 newyorkvacationbw2017-02582 newyorkvacationbw2017-02622 newyorkvacationbw2017-02632 newyorkvacationbw2017-02672 newyorkvacationbw2017-02682 newyorkvacationbw2017-02692 newyorkvacationbw2017-02702 newyorkvacationbw2017-3656 newyorkvacationbw2017-3658 newyorkvacationbw2017-3663 newyorkvacationbw2017-3666 newyorkvacationbw2017-3668 newyorkvacationbw2017-3669 newyorkvacationbw2017-3675 newyorkvacationbw2017-3684 newyorkvacationbw2017-3690 newyorkvacationbw2017-3694 newyorkvacationbw2017-3695 newyorkvacationbw2017-3698 newyorkvacationbw2017-3701 newyorkvacationbw2017-3738 newyorkvacationbw2017-3740 newyorkvacationbw2017-3744 newyorkvacation2017-3656 newyorkvacation2017-3669 newyorkvacation2017-3668 newyorkvacation2017-3663 newyorkvacation2017-3666 newyorkvacation2017-3661 newyorkvacation2017-3659 newyorkvacation2017-3657 newyorkvacation2017-3658

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