February 12th.


Today.  It's February 12th.  Nearly the middle of February.  It's been a busy, but blessed February.  A lot has happened, and life is beautiful. happymondayscarvesandsunshineareinthisdayfeb6th2017-0230

It's no secret that my husband has to travel quite often for work. It is something we both really dislike about his job, but sometimes there are good parts and bad parts, and you have to take the good with the bad, I guess. Anyhow, this past Friday, it was a nice surprise when I got to go and listen to my husband's presentation on Leadership.It was nearly an all day thing. We left on Thursday evening for WV, and Justin's Mom was kind enough to come over and sit with the kids while I went with my husband for this presentation. Friday, he gave his presentation and we came back home after that. He did extremely well on many areas of that presentation. He's put a lot of work and a lot of time into it, and it really gets a person to thinking!

justinspresentationfeb10th2017 I have since stopped my Weight Watchers Journey.   I felt I could make better use of my time, and while it is great for a lot of people it wasn't great for me, I just felt it was a waste of time and money for me at this point.  I'm really working on simplifying my life.  I'm working on focusing  more on the Lord and this family He has blessed me with.  If I schedule up nearly every evening of my week, I am unable to do that.  While Weight Watchers didn't schedule but one evening of my week, with everything else I have going on throughout the week, I just felt that it is one thing I could let go of.  It's a great program, that I'm sure of, though!  I just have started walking 3 miles per day on the treadmill, I've started doing 50 sit-ups per day, and on with life I go.  Simple stuff!  Focusing on the simple! This past week, as we were getting ready to leave for work and school, I noticed Troy petting his dog as he was putting him in the building, I had to capture it in a photograph...it's the small things, peeps! happywednesdayitsaworkandschooldayfeb8th2017 happywednesdayitsaworkandschooldayfeb8th2017 happywednesdayitsaworkandschooldayfeb8th2017 happywednesdayitsaworkandschooldayfeb8th2017 Onto other new stories. I think we have decided to build another house. On our farmland down the road from where we currently live. It should be an exciting time for sure! We plan to start that process this year. Life is great, people. Life is great! anothernicewinterdayfeb7th2017

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