Almost Friday!

Just one more day, and it will be Friday! But. For today, that means Laundry Day. It means tackling about five or so loads of laundry, and I'll be all caught up with the housework for this week.
The weather is still beautiful outside, considering it is Winter. People are still asking how Breann is after what happened the other day. She is doing well, and I'm still so thankful! I've been reading my devotionals on Mercy (that is a part of our small group study), and oh, what a study it is. And. Life. Well, it's been happening!  We're so blessed, friends.  All of us are alive and well and we have great family and friends! I usually only blog every now and then. I am not really sure why I am blogging more as of lately. Maybe it's because I am using this to fill the space of time I would talk to my Mom. I would share what happened in my day with my Mom every single day. And. Now, that I don't have that option, maybe I still want to share it, and this is the way I am choosing to do that. I share my day with the people I share life with, and that's so very awesome, but maybe I also just want to jot it down somewhere to remember the life I'm living as it happens. Either way, I'm liking this blogging stuff!  

Yep, one more day, and it's Friday!


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