Today, Though.

Today, though. It's Monday. It's been a crazy one for sure. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my morning work hours would involve a phone call from our daughter telling me she had passed out in the shower. This led us to a trip to the doctor and we are now in the waiting stages on some tests. We're thinking maybe anemia or the temperature of the warm water in the shower from when she was coming right out of bed may have caused her to pass out, but only time will tell. The test results will tell. The dr's orders have been plenty of rest, lots to drink, and even potato chips (for salt intake). Above this, I know the Lord has this in His hands, as He does all things. I never thought the kids' snow day would end up looking like this. Our sixteen year old, snuggled on the couch under the blanket she claimed (that was originally mine) back when she was around 3 or so. Now. She is resting. She's sleeping. And. I'm thankful. I'm thankful for friends who help you schedule your kids in at the dr when you're in a panic, and forget the dr's phone number. I'm thankful for my kids. Things like this make me realize how blessed we are that our kids are so healthy and well. I'm thankful for my husband who keeps me grounded and shows me that all will be alright. I'm thankful for my Lord, He takes care of it all! ourmonday_shepassedoutintheshowerandscaredusalljanuary30th2017-1282

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