Such Exciting Stuff!

2/01/2017 by Jessica L

Today.  It's a great day! I now (as of yesterday) have our photos from last year (2016) placed on CDs. Ya see, I always try to place all of our photos from every year on a CD, along with my blog posts. That way we can look back at them later in life, and also that way our kids and grandkids will have them as time moves right along. So, exciting stuff!


Onto even more exciting stuff for this day. It's a grilled cheese for the kids (prior to us going out) and a blue jeans kinda day, as my husband and I are having a date night tonight at the local brewery (and no, we don't drink, but we do love their food!). Then we will bring the kids back some food as well.


And. This weather, and these fur babies though. A photo, just because!


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