My Weight Watchers Journey



Last Monday I went to my first Weight Watchers Meeting with one of my best friends. Yesterday, I didn't weigh in because I didn't put my best foot forward last week, and I knew I hadn't lost any weight.


So. Yesterday, instead of going to the Meeting, I went to the grocery store. I bought fruits, yogurt, and all kinds of nutritious foods. Today. I'm doing awesome. I'm having yogurt, chicken quesadillas, fruit, chicken and salad, and there's still room for a snack or two.


My best friend told me she is determined we are going to do this. Me too, I'm determined too!

beginningmyweightwatchersjourneyjanuary10th2017-0226 And, the rest of my photos (because I am a photographer, and I take photos, it's what we do!):

beginningmyweightwatchersjourneyjanuary10th2017-0229 beginningmyweightwatchersjourneyjanuary10th2017-0224 beginningmyweightwatchersjourneybw2january10th2017-0225   beginningmyweightwatchersjourneyjanuary10th2017-0223 beginningmyweightwatchersjourneybw2january10th2017-0229 beginningmyweightwatchersjourneybwjanuary10th2017-0224 beginningmyweightwatchersjourneybwjanuary10th2017-0226


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