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Since I've wrote last all kinds of things have been happening.  The weather has been beautiful, even though it's Fall, it's been beautiful and warm, but now it is starting to turn cold.

We've joined a Church that is closer to where we live. It's an awesome Church with some great people, and we love going there and filling our seats.

sundayadayforjesusandrelaxingnovember13th2016About the Photo: Sundays are for Jesus and Relaxing.

The farm is keeping us busy, and we're loving it! Right now, we are in full swing of building a barn before Winter sets in.

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There's been a new donut shop open in town.  Breann has turned in an application there, and we're just waiting to hear back.

freshdoughnutsfromthenewshopintownnov2016About the Photo: The kids and I went and got donuts from the new donut shop.

It's nearing Thanksgiving time, and after that is Christmas.  I hung lights in our bedroom, maybe that's one of the reasons why, or maybe it's just because I simply love them!

lovingtheselightswehavehanginginourbedroomnovember14th2016About the Photo: New lights in our bedroom, and I'm loving them!


Donald Trump is the President-Elect from our elections this year.  There have been riots, and protests like crazy!  What is this world coming to?

In the midst of it all, I choose peace.  I choose freedom.  I choose to love the people God places in my life.  I choose to pray for my country's President, what a tremendously huge job he has placed on his shoulders.  And.  Above all else, I choose Jesus.  I choose to show the world the love that Jesus wants me to show instead of the hate and anger that is being lashed out by so many.


About the Photo: Maisy and I enjoying the fireplace, and I'm loving that it is flip flop weather (for me anyhow)!

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful for so many things.  The Lord and the salvation He has so freely given me.  I realize everyday that the salvation that is free to me was still paid with a price, and everyday I am thankful for what Jesus has did for me.  I'm thankful for our family, our friends, our home, our Church.   I'm thankful for our community, this life that we share, and I'm thankful for the health that the Lord has blessed me with.  I'm thankful for those who will gather around the table with us on Thanksgiving day, and I'm thankful for those who are giving thanks elsewhere as well.  I'm so blessed, I realize that, and I'm thankful!


At our place, life has just been happening, and I'm loving it and I'm thankful.

Untitled About the Photo: Laundry Day. whenitsinthe80soutsideyouwrapchristmasgiftsoutsidenovember1st2016-0201 About the Photo: Wrapping Christmas gifts ouside in the warm weather.
Halloween costumes for work...
Untitled happyhalloween-0192 happyhalloween-0194 happyhalloween-0193

justaboyandhisdognovember18th2016-0675About the Photo: Troy and Bo on a school morning.  Our Bo loves giving his paw to us.

Untitled About the Photo: Our Bo and Maisy. IMG_2202 About the Photo: Justin told Bo to go lay down. So. He did. Haha! Untitled About the Photo: Still loving this desk we redid a few years or so ago and placed under our stairs.

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