This morning. Wow!  What a morning it was.
I got up ready to start my day, I packed the kids' lunches for school, I started a load of laundry.  This morning had a "good morning" written all over it. No chaos, it was going to be a slow morning as I wasn't scheduled to go into work until later. Good stuff!
I took the kids to school. I came back home. I called to talk with my husband. Oh, yeah, this morning was going great!
Then, this happened!
Our Great Pyrenees,Sam, decided to take a morning run without us. He normally is kept inside of the fence with our sheep, but this morning he decided to take it upon himself to be outside of that fence. 
Our neighbor messaged me to let me know our Sam was loose, so I call my husband who was in a meeting, letting him know I had to chase our dog.
My husband being the fine guy he is called his dad and had him come help me to put our dog back up.  There was one thing though, he had to finish his breakfast before he came. While he was finishing his breakfast, almost everytime I walked toward Sam, he would run further away. He'd sometimes lay down at a distance, and if I took a few steps or so near him, he would run.
I finally was able to get up to where he was, and pet him. I encouraged him to go back to his lot, even tried to gently guide him there, but he wouldn't budge. My thoughts at the time were how aggravated I was that my supposedly slow morning was being wasted because I was having to chase a dog who should have stayed on the other side of our fence. 
Then it hit me full force!  The Scripture I read this morning. 
“And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:4‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Steadfastness means fixed in place. To me, that means patience.  I was not practicing patience, not until this verse hit me. Y'all it hit me like a ton of bricks!
So after chasing a dog, that I had yet to catch, for roughly a hour or hour and a half, I decided to wait it out. I decided to go inside, have a cup of coffee, and go about completing my morning plans, and wait on my father-in-law to arrive to help me.
About 30 minutes or so later, my father-in-law came up our driveway, and he honked on his horn. As I walked out to his truck, he told me he had put the dog back where he was supposed to be. I continued to tell him how he was my hero for today. I was, and am so thankful!
UntitledI could've chosen to not practice patience, to waste the rest of my morning chasing a dog, but instead I chose patience...eventually.  And it proved to be a success.  The laundry is now almost finished, I mopped our floors, I took my time getting ready for work, and I wasn't rushed. Untitled Our Sammy helped me with my daily Bible Study. He required me to practice patience. Now, the sun is shining through the rain, and it's a great day. Happy Thursday!

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