A Peek Into Our Weekend

A lot has been happening around our place, it's been nearly ten days since I've wrote (or typed) here.  We've been crazy busy, and we've been loving every ounce of this life that the Lord has blessed us with.

We did have our sheep up on my husband's dad's farm, but we finally have everything fenced here so we finally got to bring them here, which makes us love this farm life of ours even more.

Our Sammy, he's even grown on us.  We got him to work the sheep, and he does well with it, but now he's kinda' become a part of the family.  I actually enjoy seeing him run the fence line every evening as I pull in from work.


Troy also has a new dirt bike.  He loves it too!


 And a few weekends or so ago, we went shopping.  We were in Cabelas, and Breann thought this was 3D glasses.  Haha!


My little family, I love them so very, very much!

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