A Busy Thursday Morning!


Today. It's a new day, with new tasks, a fresh start, and the day ahead looks great. I'm so blessed. As I sit here, just happening to be drinking out of my "Oh Snap" coffee cup, (I know, I know, really fitting for a photographer, right!!!), I am finishing packaging up my Senior Rep. Referral Cards (that turned out tremendously, by the way). As I have breakfast made for the kids (eggs, bacon , and toast), and I have their lunches packed (chicken tortillas), my morning has already been busy. I've gotten laundry separated, I'm ready for the workday, and our son has already had an issue; our son, even though I ask the kids each evening if they've finished their homework, realized he has some Math he had to still finish (and it just so happens he realized this 20 minutes before it was time to leave for school, so he had to get to work on that homework). This is life though, friends. I'm so blessed. And, I'm loving life!  

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