My Kids.  Today.  Your first days of 10th and 8th grade.  Wow, where does time go?

Today was another one of my firsts.  When I dropped you off for school this morning, I didn't have either of you walking into the elementary school building.  Both of you walked into the high school building.  This, this is a first for me.


No more elementary school class parties to attend for you all.  No more elementary school class awards for you all.  Now.  Now, I have two kids who both walk into the high school building when I drop them off for school of the morning.  Wow!  How can this be possible?  I should still be dropping you off for Kindergarten, not High School.

Although it's obvious you're growing up on me, you are each still such huge kids at heart, and I love that.  You still know how to have fun, you know how to appreciate the simple things, and you get excited over the smallest things, and I love that about each of you.  Notice, I said earlier in this entry that "I should still be dropping you off for Kindergarten, not High School," that's because time goes way, way too fast, so slow down and enjoy every minute of your school years, don't rush life with anything you do.
While you are crossing the bridge into another school year, while with each day I see you growing up just a little bit more, I couldn't be more pleased with the people I see you becoming.  There are many things you each do that remind me of your Dad and I, but all of your achievements (in and out of school), are not because of anyone's steps your falling into except for your own.  Every single achievement you make, every single choice you make (good or bad), it's because of your doing, not ours, yours!  I know that you are going to make this a great school year, and I'm excited to watch you both get a little bit farther across the bridge that you are crossing for your education.  I'm even more excited to see where that bridge will lead you to in life.

I love you both, more than you'll ever know!

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