It Was More than a Vacation

It was memories that were made to last us a lifetime. It was warm sunshine on our faces. It was time for family. It was my birthday celebration. 
IMG_0056 From flying to Florida and then back home again to taking our first cruise (which was on the Carnival Fantasy) and our first trip to the Bahamas, our vacation was everything we could've ever asked for. IMG_0055 Some things I think will be forever etched in our memory are:
  • Our time on a plane. After all, we don't fly every single day!
  • How the people in the Bahamas have a neat accent.
  • How those in the Bahamas drive on the opposite side of the streets than what we do around here.
  • How they also sometimes drive on opposite sides of the vehicle.
  • How a taxi driver was driving side by side with another taxi driver and they were with their windows down and having a conversation while we were riding down the road.
  • Honking there doesn't mean road rage, they drive very close to other vehicles and they honk often.
  • Our Cruiseship Steward, Budi, gave me gift cards to use on the ship for my birthday.
  • The Bahamas was celebrating their Independence Day, and they even decorated the trees.
  • My birthday dinner on the evening of my birthday was on the deck of the ship.
  • The towels the cruise staff folded into designs for us and placed in our rooms.
  • The awesome food.
  • My turtle necklace my husband bought for me on the first cruise we shared together.
  • The kids and my husband went jet skiing and saw stingrays.
  • The Overlook we saw, called The Queen's Staircase.
  • The blue water.  It was so beautiful and so clear.
  • How the Bahamas didn't look anything like we expected it to. From where the ship docked, it was a small town filled with colorful buildings.
  • We stopped in Florida at a rest stop where there were alligators.
  • The time spent together, the laughter we had, the time that we shared.
  IMG_0050 And, here are some photos and a video of our trip to the Bahamas. IMG_0046 IMG_0045 IMG_0041 IMG_0040 IMG_0039 IMG_0032 IMG_0020 IMG_0019 IMG_0018 IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0197 IMG_0202 IMG_0194 IMG_0192 IMG_0191 IMG_0190 IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0181 IMG_0177 IMG_0169 IMG_0162 IMG_0161 IMG_0160 IMG_0159 IMG_0155 IMG_0151 IMG_0149 IMG_0148 IMG_0147 IMG_0146 IMG_0145 IMG_0142 IMG_0141 IMG_0140 IMG_0139 IMG_0138 IMG_0136 IMG_0135 IMG_0134 IMG_0131 IMG_0129 IMG_0128 IMG_0126 IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0123 IMG_0120 IMG_0119 IMG_0118 IMG_0117 IMG_0116 IMG_0115 IMG_0114 IMG_0113 IMG_0112 IMG_0110 IMG_0109 IMG_0106 IMG_0104 IMG_0101 IMG_0100 IMG_0099 IMG_0097 IMG_0096 IMG_0094 IMG_0089 IMG_0086 IMG_0085 IMG_0084 IMG_0083 IMG_0071 IMG_0067 IMG_0064 IMG_0060  

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