Pray for Nice!

Many.  More than 70 or 80 were killed in Nice, France yesterday due to a semi-truck attack.

My heart goes out to the people in France. This just shows that this world doesn't have a gun problem. A truck was used to kill those people! Guns don't need to be taken away anymore than vehicles do. Hearts need to be changed. This world has a heart problem, a lack of love, a lack of respect for human life. Black, white, male, or female, we're all human, we're people with lives that the Lord has so wonderfully gifted us with, we're supposed to love everyone. 

With that being said, none of us are perfect, but it makes one scratch their head at anyone who could do such a thing as what's happened in Nice, France. We may never understand things such as this. We need to pray for Nice, both kinds. We need to definitely pray for Nice, France. I'm at a loss of further words than what I type here. We also need to pray for nice. You know, nice, the word, the one that is an adjective that we can make into a verb. We need to show love and care to all, to every person. This world still contains good people, with good hearts, and those who value friendship and life. We have to show kindness, and we have to show the love of Christ. 

I think of the moms and dads who may have lost sons and daughters in this act of hate. I think of the husbands and wives who are now widows and widowers due to a senseless act like this. I think of all of the sons and daughters who now are going to have to mourn the death of their parents. I think of the brothers and sisters who have lost someone so dear to them. I think of all of the families and friends that now have to mourn someone due to this senseless act.  I pray that the Lord meets them where they are and shows them love and comfort. I pray that hearts are changed. 

So, so, sad!

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