Life, Her FBLA Trip, His Dirt Bike, Our 4th of July, My Thoughts, Etc.


The past week, though...

It's been household chores, and it's been looking forward to some days off from work.

It's been a FBLA trip for our daughter.  She won the State competition, and she went to Nationals.  Even though she didn't place there we are so happy with her accomplishments.  In April she went to Reston, VA., for her State competition and this past week she went to Atlanta, GA. for Nationals, so she got to see some neat places she hadn't seen before.  Here are some photos from both of those trips as well as her working hard to go on those trips.


I sure was happy she got to see all of these neat places, but I am so happy she is now home.

 There's been dirt bike riding for our boy.  He was so excited when we were finally able to get it fixed!

There was the 4th of July Weekend...

And all of these other photos I took during the past week...

Then, there was this...

Our family, our dear friends, and our Church family are with heavy hearts. Our hearts are sad, but we're filled with hope that we will see a dear friend and brother in Christ again someday. He made a huge impact on our Church, on our family, on our kids. 

I remember as a little girl, as I went to Church with my parents, a man there always gave me peppermint candy. Still.  After over 20 years, I remember that small of a gesture, that small act of kindness. Now, our kids have experienced the same kindness from a totally different man. Every Sunday he would give my kids a Ring Pop and a gold dollar. I think they'll always remember that. 

 This same man was the Postmaster when I was a little girl.  So, as I told my son about this sweet man passing earlier this week, he went to a small box, in which I never even knew he had, and he opened that box, and it was over half full with coins that the man had given him. My son didn't say anything as he showed those to me, he just wept. This man has touched our family's life so very much, and he will never be forgotten.  From his kindness to the great memories we have of him, as sure as those coins are in my son's box (I'm not sure if he will ever let them go now), the memories and the impact this man has made in our lives will last for the rest of our days. Rest in peace, Brother Johnny. 

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