This is THE Moment...

Yes, it's that moment. You know, the one where I realize that I will never again have to write a check to our kids' elementary school for their school lunch. Our boy told me the other day that I didn't need to write him anymore checks for this school year for his lunch because his balance is paid for the rest of the school year. That means next school year will be when I write another check. Both checks (the one for our daughter and the one for our son) will say High School instead of Elementary School. So, this is it! Unless the Lord has other plans for me to have more babies, I will never again write a lunch check to the elementary school for my kids. It's a bittersweet moment. A part of me wants to cry, as I'm seeing life passing way too quickly, but then a part of me wants to smile and hug them for all of who they are becoming.

Speaking of school, I am happy that I now have achieved another goal of mine. I have received my Certificate of Achievement in the Art of Photography. Photography is so, so, so very important to me, and I am so happy that I went for this goal...I went for finishing this course...I now have this certificate!


Today, I was appreciating some of the simple things. Like, look at these! They will soon have flowers on them!


Last weekend we also began the Memorial Day Weekend celebration. I had to work for a half of the day on Saturday. We visited with family at my husband's sister's place. We had a cookout and Smores here. There was Church. It was a great weekend, and we're thankful for the memories made, and we're thankful for the memories that are forever in our hearts.










And that brings me up-to-date on this story of ours...


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