His 7th Grade Year!


And, just like that.  It's complete.  This chapter of our story.  The chapter where he was in Elementary School, and in the 7th Grade, and now he will be going over to the High School building next year as he enters the 8th Grade.  Today, he says he will be getting his report card for the school  year.  He's made straight A's all year, and we're so happy with his accomplishments.

Perhaps when it really hit me, when it really became real to me that I am about to have an 8th Grader, is when I walked into the Elementary School office to sign the Visitor Pass book one last time as a parent visiting their child's event while in the Elementary School.  Never again, unless the Lord has other plans for us, will I attend my child's 7th Grade awards.  Never again, will I attend my child's Elementary School party.  Never again, will I attend my child's Elementary School picnic.  As, unless the Lord sees otherwise, I will never have another child in Elementary School.  Wow!  Time really, really needs to slow down.

Last Friday we shared in his evening of seeing him walk the "red carpet" at his Hollywood themed 7th Grade Prom.  Where does time go?

Then, yesterday was his awards.  He told me how he had been trying to get his teacher to give him a fist bump all year long, and finally, yesterday, he did that.  After all, straight A's for an entire school year, I think a fist bump only seems right, don't you?!?

And, of course, more of his prom photos and more of his awards photos are in the Members Area.  

And, here is a video of his 7th Grade Prom:

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