Life and Mother's Day Weekend...



I'm a photographer, it's a part of my being, it's a part of who I am. I document things, and I document life as it happens around me, as this is a part of our story. I believe once a moment passes, well, there is no getting that moment back, and that makes the photos and the videos that we take that much more precious...those tell our story.


That's why when I get my Clients orders complete I am so excited. I'm so happy to see the work that I do in my hands, and a part of their story in those products!

Anyhow, life has been, well, life. There's been exciting days, busy days, and relaxed days...




There's also been the kids' school, Breann got an award from the School Board for winning first place at the FBLA State Competition. How cool is that?!?

There's also been work life. And, the girls at work and I got rewarded with a Spa Day.


I got my nails done with this fantastic color...



Then, Mother's Day was this past Sunday, and I got a new lens for  my camera.


My daughter had to stay last week and help clean up after a pageant that was to help raise funds to her Nationals trip for FBLA. She found a flower laying in the floor during clean-up, and she brought it home and gave it to me. It's fitting that it was Mother's Day weekend too! She's got such a big heart. 

Now, it's hard to believe that I am saying this, but instead of my husband or I driving us to my Mother's Day dinner this past weekend, she was the one driving us. This, her first time ever, driving me to treat me for Mom's Day. While she does this though, I sit and think of her at 3 years old with baby talk in the backseat. I think of all of the dandelions she has picked me out of the yard, when she's brought me "flowers." She is probably one of the reasons I see a weed as a flower today. I think of the flowers she brought me one evening, they just happened to be out of a neighbor's flower garden. And, now, now, instead of her being in the backseat, I am the one there...taking this all in while her dad teaches her another first...instead of a first step though...instead of a first word, we're teaching her to drive. I'm so blessed to be her Mom. 

I'm so blessed to be their Mom!


And, this...this was Mother's Day!


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