And, the Blackberry Bushes are Blooming!


See that window in our door...


Through that window right there, if you look really hard, you will see blooms. That's our blackberry bushes. It's been raining here, but as with clouds comes the rain, with clear beautiful blue skies comes the sunshine. And with rain and sunshine working together we get beautiful things (like blackberry blooms)!

This reminds me of the chaos with life. Like Wednesday of last week...


I meant to wear a skirt to work on that day, but I couldn't find a shirt that went with it. It stormed most of the night, and I didn't sleep well. I lost my good pen at work (but I found it after about a hour of searching for it). Someone asked me earlier that day (while I was searching for that pen), "One of those days, huh?" Yes, yes it was. I was determined not to let it be a bad day though. Some bad moments in a great day, but not a bad day. I am tremendously blessed. I have so much to be thankful for! I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, we have a great family and friends! The Lord is amazing. Our home is alive and well. So, I made it a great day!

You see, life is a lot like the weather. There are storms you have to weather in order to get to the sunshine, and with the sunshine comes those beautiful blooms (and, maybe even some blackberries).

While I had somewhat of a chaotic few moments...these have been my moments of sunshine over the past week...







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