This Week, Though!

4/15/2016 by Jessica L


This week, though! It's gonna do a lot to my Mama heart. Tomorrow Troy has a 7th grade dance, and Breann will be getting her Learner's soon. Depending on how the workday goes, she may even get her Learner's this evening if we have time to do so this evening, and if not then it may be sometime next week. Either way, where has time gone?


Last weekend, was a huge weekend. Breann won the state competition for FBLA, now she will go to Nationals. And, we gathered and celebrated one of our best friend's birthday.


I've also ate super healthy this week...this has been my lunch!


And...I've made other healthy meals this week that I'm loving!


Breann got me this cup while she was out of town for her competition last week. Isn't it so cool?!?


And this cup, though! I'm loving it!


I also have a new lockscreen on my phone, and I'm loving it!


And...The sun has been shining, and I've been enjoying Spring, and all that it has to offer!



By the way, yesterday, I stepped in dog poop...this is how my morning started...but then, she started dancing in the kitchen, and it made my day. She's always such a fun one!


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