So, It's Been a Little Bit...


It's been a little bit since I've posted anything.  Life has been happening, it's been busy, and it's been blessed, and it's worth writing about.  So, here I am!

Since I've written last, I've made cupcakes...actually, I made cupcakes the Monday I returned to work, and they were delightful!


There's been work, there's been school for the kids, Troy has had weightlifting, Breann has had a competition to prepare for and attend, there's been Church, there's been chores around our place, and there's been home and there's been life...and these, these are our memories...


We've been busy trying to get our farm ready for the sheep that will be coming in the next week or so, and we've been enjoying the new life that has been happening at the farm, with my husband's dad's cows!


This one got tangled up in a brush pile, but my husband and our son came to the rescue, and he is bouncing around happily now!  Isn't he so adorable?!?


We've had family time at our place, and we've been appreciating all that the Lord has blessed us with.

Bree and I went to a wonderful craft workshop earlier this week. It was filled with devotionals, craft time, pasteries and baked goods from a local bakery, and it was at a coffee shop, so we, of course, had coffee there as well. The devotional was about how the Lord makes beautiful things out of us, and the workshop was to make beautiful crafts from salvaged items. What a great lesson! Bree made a sign with her name on it, and it's something that she can hang photos from (I'm so happy she has an appreciation of photos, by the way...they're a visual version of a story, after all), and I made a nice Spring centerpiece. We had fun and made memories, and it was great!



Then, this week life continued to be full of, well, that, life! Breann is actually in Reston, VA., as I type this. She is at a state competition for FBLA, that Justin, Troy, and I planned on going to as well, but the faculty didn't recommend it due to it being a state competition with lodging being a concern since there would be so many people there. Anyhow, it seems to be a great experience for Breann, she's gotten to tour Washington, D.C., and she has made some wonderful memories.  She's awaiting her awards ceremony this evening as well.  How exciting!


Yesterday, was Dress Down Day at work, and sometimes it's the simple things that are the greatest part of the day. Yesterday it would've been that, and at the top of the list was getting to go out to dinner after work with this family of mine. Life is a blessing, and I cherish each and every single day of it!  What a story we're writing, and I love these people that are helping me to make this story so grand!  :)


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