Our Sheep Dog (and Our Week)...

So last weekend we was really, really busy taking care of our sheep dog, Sam. I mean, we are still busy with him, but last weekend, we were really, really busy with him. 

 You see, this is Sam.


He is our new (10 week old) Great Pyrenees puppy. He was born in a field full of goats and didn't have any human contact and interaction until we got him. 

As of last weekend, we hadn't even had him a week so he's a little frightened because of the new surroundings, and he is now actually around humans, but he's starting to see that humans can be okay, and even give him treats from time to time. He's slowly warming up to us (maybe it's the treats)! 

 You see, Justin and I (along with our kids) have started on a new chapter for us. We are officially sheep farmers and we also have bought donkeys and even Sam here to help protect and care for our sheep.  While we've already paid for our sheep (in which many will hopefully be having little babies running around this Summer), we will actually be picking up our many new farm animals at the end of this month. We're anxious to begin this journey.

 Prayers for a successful journey is much appreciated! 

 Then the week began...Monday, came with laundry day and my husband leaving for an out-of-town business trip. He's on his way home today though, and I couldn't be happier! 

 By the way, our washer...it looks something like this...okay, exactly like this...this is our washer!


Some little guy must have left gum or candy in his pockets. This is what the inside of our washer looks like these days, it's speckled red. 

 Tuesday, brought the Presidential Primary Elections, and the kids were out of school for the day. I was happy to have a bit of extra time with them, as it was a scheduled short day at work for me! Bree and I also got our hair done, the kids and I ordered Mexican food, and had a fabulous time. We really were missing their dad though.



Yesterday morning was filled with getting ready for school and work, conversation, and laughter. It was also filled with memories of my Mom. It was Mom's birthday. She would've been 66. If anyone feels the void nearly as much as I do, my daughter surely does. We miss my Mom daily. 

 This girl, she is my daughter. We share laughter and tears, and she's my best friend. 

 We also made time to take a photo yesterday morning. Just a moment in our busy day!


These days, I will never take for granted.  That is one of the many things my mother taught me.  Her love and appreciation for photos and scrapbooking has poured over into me, and I'm glad it has, because this is our story!

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