Life Around Our Place...

Life has been life, and life has been hard. There has been good times and not so good times this past week.

With that being is starting to feel more and more like Spring...


Spring is absolutely one of my favorite Seasons. I love the new things in's awesome!

As I type this today, I sit on our porch, enjoying the beauty of one of my favorite trees at our place.


The other day, our daughter gave me a flower. She does this nearly every year. I love that no matter how old she gets, she doesn't stop appreciating these kind of things...neither do I!


Friday morning, my husband got us breakfast, we slept in, and it was a great day.


Last Friday evening we went to celebrate one of our friends' thirteenth birthday! She is such a sweet girl, and it is so hard to believe she is now a teenager!



Saturday, though!

Yes, Saturday! That is when sickness came into our home. My husband got a virus, then I got the virus, but now though, life is finally returning to normal and everyone is well again.

Today, our daughter had her regional FBLA competition, and she won. Her and her teammate go to the state competition next month. I am so excited for them!

 So, yes it has been a week of good things and bad has definitely happened around our place this week!

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