It's Time for a Vacation!

And, that's what Justin and I are doing this week. This week we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary, and we are taking the week off from work and relaxing at the house in each other's company!

Saturday, Justin, the kids, and I traveled to Franklin, TN. While Justin and Troy went to an arcade place, Bree and I attended the Premier of The Bridge, Part 2. We met one of my favorite authors, and two of the main characters of the movie. Bree even saw Faith Ford in the restroom, but had left her phone behind, so she had to get a "selfie" with her after the show. Francesca Battistelli was also at the show. And, before the show, Justin, the kids, and I toured Landmark Booksellers, which is the bookstore that inspired The Bridge.


Bree and I got our tickets for the Premier from Karen Kingsbury at a coffee shop called the Frothy Monkey, and Bree, Troy, and I ordered coffee.

Then we got Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday morning as we traveled back home.

Anyhow, last Thursday was St. Patrick's Day. I wore green, and Bree had a cool new shirt, so we took a photo (or two)!



And...last Friday...That morning sunlight and those things in bloom, though! The Lord is a fabulous artist.

We finally got to celebrate my husband's birthday Friday. We gathered around at a nice restaurant with our family and friends and had dinner, conversation, and a great time.


Those blooms though!


It is now Monday morning, I get up to eat breakfast...maybe have a doughnut, so excited about this too, but all I have is an empty box!


Happy Monday!

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