Happy Easter!

So, it's Easter!  We celebrated this weekend with family and friends.  On Saturday we had dinner, a glow-in-the-dark easter egg hunt, a bonfire, and great conversation!  Today, we went to Church, we went out to eat afterward, and it has been a nice and relaxing day!  We're so blessed by the gift of Salvation that the Lord has given to us, and we realize it, and we're thankful!

Read on for the story of this past week...these are our memories, our life's story...






{I even made cupcakes for the Children's Church class that I taught today.  We played Easter Bingo, read Scripture about the Resurrection of Jesus, and did a great craft.}

This past week Justin and I had vacation from work.  We spent time working on the farm...




{This is Sam, our sheep dog. We don't normally tie our dogs up, but my husband was doing some work on the farm as I was taking this photo, and we didn't want Sam to run or get hit by a tree that my husband was cutting. We got this guy at 10 weeks old.  He's already grown so much!}
Then, there were other simple and slow mornings to be appreciated.  Like the morning I made homemade buttermilk pancakes and last Thursday morning when we went out for breakfast.




My husband and I also celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday.  I love sharing this life with him!


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