The Thoughts of a Twelve Year Old...


Yesterday, as we were sitting in the living room, our son playing on his tablet, he asked me, "Mom, why does everyone take everything so seriously?"  My response was asking him what he meant. "Why can't everyone just have fun instead of taking everything so seriously," he continued. I explained to him that sometimes things were really important while other things may not be as important. He then said something to me that really, really made sense. "In the end though, what's it going to matter?  We're going to go one of two places.  Isn't that what really matters?"  I told him that we, of course, want to try to go to only one of those two places (meaning Heaven) when it's our time to go to our destination. He agreed saying, "That's what I'm saying, so that's what should really matter. We shouldn't take life so seriously, but have fun, and have that as the only thing that matters, instead of taking everything else so seriously."

While I totally see that some things in life are really more important than others, life is about priorities and responsibilities, I get what he's saying. What a smart boy we have. The one thing that our son thinks should really matter should definitely be on the top of the list of the things that matter most, because in the end, that really is what's going to matter.  He's not even a teenager yet, but he gets it!

Many live their lives making plans for finances, healthy lifestyles, and even for retirement. In the end though the cross is what's important. Our destination is what's important. While many things here are important for the short term, our one true destination is what is important and what will always matter.  This life will pass, but that one will not. 

Smart boy we have!

Oh, and this smart boy drew this cross. He most certainly is an artist!  He's also starting to fill out his schedule for 8th grade (and I'm not sure how my Mama heart feels about that yet)!

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