So...It's Tuesday...

Yep, it's Tuesday. While we planned to make it to the gym yesterday, it didn't happen. We just had too much on the agenda, but that's okay. We had time with each other and the blessings of this journey called life, and we're grateful. In fact, there are even some more photos I got yesterday of life as it happened, that I think I just may include here...
 "I'm going to feed the birds," Bree told me.yesterday. she did...
And...these two continued to have a lazy Monday, but aren't they just adorable?!? 

Then, this morning though! This morning, as we were getting ready for work I was making myself a cup of coffee and asked my husband if he wanted a cup, but he didn't want any coffee this morning. He then came in the kitchen and noticed two cups...he mentioned again that he didn't want a cup of coffee this morning. I told him I wasn't making him a cup of coffee...I was making me a cup for right then and one for on the go. He seemed to find that funny. Two cups of coffee at once.


Real life working mom right here!

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