The Snow

So today... as I'm scheduled to go into work a bit later, I'm enjoying a warm cup of coffee, and taking in this snowy day.

I'm not sure that Maisy really likes the snow all that much. She definitely isn't about staying out in it very long!

Our Bo is just like a big kid in this snow. 

After work, I'll have a big pot of chili made, and we will be awaiting the next snow that the weathermen are telling us we will be getting over the weekend. 

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  1. Hello Jessica,
    I'm also in Mom Bloggers Club and I found you via Learning the Mom Life. I really like how you have you blog set up! Do you use Wordpress? I guess with a landing page with a slider? I'm still pretty new to blogging so I'm trying to figure out how to best set up my site. How long has your family been blogging? It is really unique.

    1. Hello, Leanne! Thanks for stopping by and your kind words! We currently use Blogspot, and have been blogging since around 2008. I love it!

      It's my online scrapbook, my journal, my way of sharing our story, and other things such as homemaking ideas and recipes. So glad you stopped by.

      We're also on Facebook:

      And Instagram:

      Be sure and stop by and follow us there as well.

      Have a great weekend! :)