Our Lifelong Stories: The Mini Site

What is it? 

A simple, to the point, version of the website/blog (which is mostly what is seen in the Our Lifelong Stories: The App)!

This makes it quick and easy to pull up exactly what you need at Our Lifelong Stories by placing this on your Home Screen or Desktop or even Bookmarking the Our Lifelong Stories: The Mini Site

From recipes and craft ideas to daily Bible verses and some of our latest blog posts, you'll find it here!

What to Do With It?

Add it to your Home Screen, add it to your Desktop, and/or even Bookmark the Site. That way you can access some of the most important features of Our Lifelong Stories with just a click of a button!
Ready to Go to the Mini Site/Blog and Add it to Your Home Screen, Desktop, or Bookmarks?

Click here to go to the Mini Site/Blog (and be sure once you are there, to Add it to Your Home Screen/Desktop and/or Bookmark it, if you'd like)!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT taking the place of the actual website/blog.  The Mini Site/Blog is an additional feature to the main website.  Both are great, and you're invited to visit often!

If you have any questions about this great feature, please contact us!

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