Loving Our Photo Ornaments

So, this year...I thought of putting a Christmas tree upstairs, but wasn't sure about it. We have big glass doors up there, and it just makes sense to have pretty Christmas lights shining through. 

Photo Details: Father's Day Weekend.  Then the photo behind it is our daughter blowing out her 15th Birthday candles. 

Fast forward to the day after Thanksgiving. We got the Christmas tree we've used for several years out of storage, and after putting it together we realized a small amount of the lights didn't work on it. So...we bought a new Christmas tree for downstairs. We carried our old one upstairs (turning the unlit portion to where it can't be seen), and now we have two Christmas trees!

Photo Details: Our Halloween Party. 

Now...what to do with that second tree?  How will we decorate it?  I love photography, and I love how our photos help tell our story! So we made these wood ornaments with our photos from this year, and they help tell our year's story...vacations, birthdays, holidays, the kids' first day of school, the kids' Cross Country Meet, everyday life...it's on on our tree!  After Christmas, we'll box the ornaments up to keep, and we can hang them in upcoming years as well as pull them out just to look at and remember. 

Photo Details: Spending time with the Lord before her Cross Country Meet. 

How we made these:

Items Needed:

1. Flat Wood Circles of Your Choice (You can be creative. I got mine in the craft department).
2. Photos of Your Choice (Measure and cut the part of the photo you want according to your wood circle leaving a small amount of the wood showing around the photo's edge).
3. Mod Podge
4.  Ribbon
5. A drill

1. Upon cutting your photos to the right size, place some of the Mod Podge on the circle and then place the photo ontop of it. Then brush a layer of Mod Podge on your photo (being careful to not leave streaks).  You may need to wait for a few hours for the Mod Podge to dry clear (it may brush on white at first).  I waited 24 hours to make sure mine was fully dry. 

2. Drill the hole in the top of the ornament.

3. Place the ribbon through the hole. 

4. Hang and enjoy the ornaments!

Helpful bit of information: use scrap paper to work and place your project on while it dries. 

Photo Details: Camping

Photo Details: Our boy and his love for frogs!

Photo Details: Bree and I at our friends' 4th of July celebration. 

Photo Details: Destin, Florida Vacation/Anniversary Getaway 

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