Throw Pillows

So, I've been wanting to try to make throw pillows for awhile now. Not only are they useful when lounging around the house, they add that extra pop of color to our home. These are so easy to change out to other throw pillows as well to go along with the season, the holiday, or whatever!

So...I've been making pillows for the Fall season and for Christmas (as we are decorating for Christmas this weekend).  It's awesome!

 Here's how I made these!

 Items Needed: 

Sewing Machine
Fabric of choice
Thread (something that matches the fabric well)
Pillow insert (the one shown is 18 inches)
Measuring tape
Iron and ironing board


1. Cut the first square of fabric the exact size of the pillow (so for this one, my first square was 18 inches by 18 inches).

 2. The second piece (to cover the other side of the pillow) will have two pieces of fabric. It should measure like this: Take the size of your pillow, then divide by two, and then add 2. You'll need two pieces of fabric that size.

Example: My pillow is 18 inches, divided by 2 is 9 then add 2 to that, so I need two 11 inch x 18 pieces of fabric to make the square for my other side. Cut those two pieces according to the measurements you need to cover the other side of the pillow.

3. Form a small crease along the inner edge of each of the half pieces (for me it was the 11 inch pieces) and iron the crease to make it easy to sew then sew that fold of the piece of fabric.

4. Place the first square you cut (for me it was the 18 x 18 inch) face up and then place the two halves (for me it was the 18 x 11 inches) face down (side by side) ontop of the whole first cut square. Pin the fabric so they don't move while you sew them. Then sew the pieces together (the half pieces to the whole piece) all around the square's edge.

5. Flip right side out, and insert the pillow insert.

 And...You've made a pillow!

I love this new project I've picked up on!  :)

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