Good Thursday Morning...

She got 28th place out of around 50 some participants at her Cross Country Meet yesterday. Our son got 29th place out of around 30 some participants at his Cross Country Meet as well. My brother, his wife, and their son watched our kids as they ran. I'm glad our kids have that sense of family, and that we have that sense of family. The family that's our blood, and the family through friendship, each is a blessing!  

While there's not a lot of quiet moments in our house, it's been more quiet than usual for the past few days. My awesome husband has been out of town, and  is now returning home today, which I am pretty excited about! 

I'm such a blessed girl!  An awesome husband, a great son, and this amazing girl for my daughter. May I never take them for granted. I'm thankful!   :) 

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