Breann's 15th Birthday!

As you blow out your candles on your 15th Birthday cake (this year, your independent self even wanted to light your own candles) we celebrate 15 years of having you in our lives so we celebrate the person you've become and the one you are becoming, I realize how blessed I am to be your Mom. I'm blessed that the Lord trusted me enough to take care of one of the greatest gifts that I could ever be given. As we celebrate your birthday and you are given gifts by many of our family and friends, know that I feel that I've been given one of the greatest gifts of as my daughter.

Also know that those that surround you on your birthday are some of the greatest folks that you could ever have in your by blood and family by choice.  Besides the Lord, the people who surround this table, who share this celebration with you, well these are the people you can count on in the fun times of life as well as the not so fun times...these are your family...every single one of them (even those not by blood, but by choice).  While they each are giving you a gift...know that the greatest gift that they are giving you is not what is in the package, but what's inside their hearts and what they give to you each and everyday...their love and friendship.  These are lifelong family and friends, and that's the best gift they could ever give!

You are an amazing person, and I love you for being my daughter and being my best friend!  Happy Birthday, my sweet Daughter!

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